We are excited to announce that Richard Kraemer, President of RJ Kraemer, Inc., had decided to retire. Please see below:

Hello All-

After nearly 20 years in the Solar Tubular industry I have decided and am happy to announce that it is time for me to retire. Hurray! This has been an amazing journey and I have genuinely enjoyed working with my staff and other personalities in this business. I appreciate the great friendships that I have made while running RJ Kraemer, Inc. and plan to carry them with me into my retirement.

I must also express my appreciation to the customers or RJ Kraemer, Inc., I feel very privileged that you have allowed us to come into your home and provide you with outstanding service, while teaching you about these amazing products.

I have sincerely appreciated the association I have had with each of you over the past several years. Now it is time for me to spend my days with my grandchildren and enjoy some relaxation and stress-free time with family. I am excited for this new era of my life, but will miss you all!

I know that you came to this website looking for information about either the Tubular Skylight and/or Attic Exhaust Fan. That is a great thing! My former employees are wanting to continue in serving my past customers as well as helping new ones. The fact that they are former employees of RJ Kraemer, Inc. means you can count on the same quality of service and craftsmanship as you have in the past. They can be reached at the same phone numbers: 623-214-3669 or 623-262-7183.

For customers who had installations on or before June 14, 2016, please use the contact submission form on the 'Contact Us' tab. RJ Kraemer, Inc. will continue to provide the following:

- Warranty Service/Maintenance for all installs on or before June 14, 2016.

- Copies of invoices for tax purposes.

- Any questions you may have about your previous installation.

If you had installs after June 14, 2016, you must contact your installer(s) for warranty and service work on your product. RJ Kraemer, Inc. does not provide service/warranty work after this date.